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Air, Oil & Fuel Filter Replacement

Filters perform important jobs within various parts of your vehicle. Below, you’ll learn about fuel, oil and air filters and how changing these filters may extend your engine’s life.

How Your Filters Work

The fluids and air flowing through your engine need to stay clean to avoid clogging the narrow passageways. To keep these elements clean, your engine utilizes several well-placed filters.

The filters sit in strategic locations and act as the first line of defense against potentially damaging dirt particles. To help the filters do their job, you must have them replaced regularly by a skilled technician. A replacement schedule is determined by the way you drive, total tachometer between services, and vehicle manufacturer specifications.

Professional Filter Inspection

Meineke technicians first look at your vehicle's filter change intervals assigned by the manufacturer to determine if your filters are in need of replacement. The intervals list both a time and tachometer rating to consider. Technicians will then use their expertise to determine if your vehicle could benefit from a filter change. A visual inspection also assists in determining the right time to perform the fuel, oil and air filter replacement service.

Air Filter Replacement

The car air filter sits in the air box or on the cold air intake cone to pull dirt particles out of the air flowing into your engine. The replacement process for this filter is pretty straightforward. A technician will simply lift the element out of the container and replace it with a fresh part.

Oil Filter Change

Changing the oil filter is not quite as simple as the air filter replacement, as technicians must also remove and replace all of the oil from your engine. Technicians drain all of the oil out of the system by removing the drain plug in your oil pan.

After the system drips dry, techs can remove the oil filter using a specially designed wrench. From there, it's a matter of replacing the filter element, drain plug and oil with new components.

Fuel Filter Swap

The fuel filter sits either just beneath your hood or behind the rear tire near the gas tank. This filter keeps dirt sitting in the gas tank from clogging up the fuel lines and injector nozzles. As a result, the filter grows dirty fairly quickly, especially if you drive a lot of kilometers each year.

Your Meineke technician will indicate the right time to come in for filter changes using a tachometer number and date. Whenever you notice one of those factors is coming up, you can bring your car to a technician to receive filter change services.

Got Filter Questions?

Call your local Meineke Car Care Centre with any questions you might have about air, oil, or fuel filter replacement. Our technicians are here to help!

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