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Car Condenser and Evaporator Service

Automotive air conditioning systems utilize an evaporator and condenser to produce cool air for the cabin space. These components must both operate at their peak efficiency to cool down air flowing into the system.

If either part starts to malfunction, the air sent through the vents may not drop to ideal levels, making the cabin feel too warm.

At the first hint of a problem, make sure to have the car condenser and evaporator inspected, diagnosed and replaced if needed to restore the functionality of the air conditioner.

Diagnostic Services for Air Conditioning System

Automotive technicians utilize complex scanners and pressure testers to diagnose problems with the air conditioning system. These tools help technicians find the exact part causing the fault. Technicians must consider the sensors, lines, auto condenser, evaporator and computer as the cause during the diagnostic process.

Part Replacement & Repairs

Upon identifying the faulty components, technicians use a mix of hand, air and power tools to remove the air conditioner system parts one by one. Technicians may need to remove several components to access the problem parts.

Upon replacement of the failed components, technicians carefully reassemble the air conditioning system and perform a test. In many cases, technicians can simply measure the temperature of the air coming out of the vents to confirm the repair was a success.


The car air conditioning condenser, evaporator and other related components also require regular maintenance. This system utilizes several kilograms of refrigerant to continually cool air pulled through the air conditioner lines.

Eventually, the refrigerant canister sits empty and requires a recharge to start working again. Damage to the lines could also allow refrigerant to escape, necessitating repair of the system and a full recharge. Technicians perform this task by hooking the lines up to a tank that refills the canister to the proper pressure rating.

How Our Technicians Can Help

Whether you need an air conditioning system recharge or repair, automotive technicians can help restore the function of your automotive system with just a single visit. Meineke technicians will always perform a full 23-point inspection and test your automotive condenser, evaporator and other air conditioning components to pinpoint the main cause of the fault.

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