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Four Wheel Drive Service & Repair

A vehicle with four wheel drive has more traction for wet roads, icy roads and rough or off-road conditions. Four wheel drive trucks, cars and SUVs are able to handle different types of terrain because the system gives power to all four of the vehicle’s wheels at once, whereas normally vehicles just give power to two.

Maintain Your 4 Wheel Drive System

The different parts of the four-wheel drive system need regular maintenance to keep them working properly. A technician will typically:

  • Clean the components of the system
  • Lubricate the locking hubs
  • Inspect the transfer case

The technician will also drain fluids out of the differentials and give them fresh fluid.

4 Wheel Drive Repair

Sometimes this system will be in need of repairs, especially from tough terrain or off-road driving. Technicians can check for problems that occur due to driving in tough conditions, such as:

  • Broken driveline parts
  • Tire damage
  • Damaged steering gear

Reasons to Visit a Professional

It is important to make sure you receive the necessary four wheel drive repairs and services to ensure proper vehicle handling and safety on the road. Visit your local Meineke Care Centre to receive a 23-point inspection to ensure your entire vehicle is in proper operating condition.

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