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Fuel Injector Service

The fuel injection system in your vehicle requires regular maintenance and repairs to continue properly distributing gasoline for the combustion process. The injectors provide a precise fuel spray pattern in the cylinder in order to create ideal combustion conditions. The aerosolized fuel combines with airflow from the intake to create the mixture that is ignited by the spark plugs firing. Without the right pattern, fuel may remain unburned, causing rich conditions in the engine. Over time, rich conditions lead to poor gas tachometer, carbon buildup and power losses. Thankfully, you can have your fuel injectors serviced by a skilled technician to keep your engine in good working order.

Utilizing Fuel Injector Cleaner

The first line of defense against clogged fuel injectors is a thorough cleaning session. Technicians can run professional cleaning products through your fuel lines to clear out residue that commonly leads to clogged nozzles. Technicians oversee the fuel injector cleaning process to make sure the procedure achieves the desired effect.

Cleaning fuel injectors requires a careful hand and close attention to detail. Once the cleaning fluid runs through the system, techs can verify the fix by checking fuel pressure and engine performance characteristics. A test run on public roads also helps technicians determine if the engine is firing at the right rate to produce the expected power rating.

Scheduling Fuel Injection Service

If the fuel injector cleaning process does not net the desired results, it is possible to have each line cleaned individually while outside of the engine. The individual cleaning process involves a long soak in detergent to break up residue deep in the chambers. Technicians test the flow rate of the injector after each cleaning session to make sure the pattern matches the stock configuration.

The fuel injector service often includes replacement of worn lines and other components in the system. Your technician will perform a thorough inspection to identify the elements in need of repair to identify the fuel injection cleaning service cost. The work order the technician produces will break down how the parts and labor prices contribute to the fuel injection service cost.

Considering Fuel Injector Replacement

If necessary, you can have your fuel injectors replaced with stock or aftermarket components. The fuel injector replacement process is often performed after the cleaning procedure clears residue out of the gas tank, pumps and lines. Technicians can perform the injector replacement service to restore the power and efficiency of the fuel system.

Need Professional Help?

After performing a thorough inspection, your technician will perform any necessary fuel injector repairs. You can also have your technician order fuel injector upgrades that make the most of your improved power components on the engine. For example, if you recently had a technician install a cold air intake and larger camshafts, your vehicle's engine will greatly benefit from larger fuel injectors. If your vehicle is stock, however, you can simply go with the regular injector size for the best gas tachometer and performance characteristics.

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