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Headlight Replacement, Restoration, & Maintenance

Your car’s headlights should brightly illuminate the path before your vehicle so you can get to your destination safely. If your headlights reach a state of disrepair, you may struggle to see the roadway when traveling in low light conditions.

Whenever needed, you can have your stock, halogen and LED headlights repaired or replaced by a professional automotive technician to restore their full functionality.

Changing Headlight Bulbs

Modern vehicles allow you to simply change the bulb in the housing to restore the bright characteristics of your headlights. Depending on your vehicle's build type, your technician may need to remove and replace the bumper during the LED headlight bulb installation process. When you plan to change a headlight bulb, also have the technician look over the other lights on your vehicle for dim or burnt out bulbs.

Securing Headlight Replacement

If your headlight housing develops a deep crack or is an older sealed unit, you will need a replacement, rather than abulb replacement. The headlight replacement service can typically be completed quickly using hand and power tools. A Meineke technician can provide you with an estimated headlight replacement cost before starting the necessary service.

Headlight Restoration Options

If the headlight housing on your vehicle has a dulled finish you may only need to have that surface restored to increase the brightness of your lights. Technicians can quickly and efficiently perform the new headlight restoration using a few key tools. The headlight restoration service must be performed properly to avoid scratching or damaging the housing, which is why it is recommended to have a professional technician perform the service.

When to See a Technician

Anytime your headlights stop working or you feel like you are struggling to see the road at night, you should have a technician fully inspect your headlights. The technician can explain the reason for the reduced light output from your headlights and let you know if any repairs will be needed to return your vehicle to safe operating conditions. If it is not just a simple bulb replacement, you can have your headlights restored or replaced at that time. Stop by your local Meineke Car Care Centre or give them a call to discuss how we can keep your headlights in optimal working condition.

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