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Performance Exhaust Systems

High quality performance exhaust systems dramatically change the look and feel of your car. Your vehicle will experience increased horsepower and torque, among other things.

In order to receive all of the benefits from this part, you need to have your performance exhaust installation performed by a professional..

A technician will properly secure the exhaust in place to keep it from rattling around or breaking loose unexpectedly. They can also keep your exhaust maintained and tightly secured when you come in for regular inspections and services.

Performance Exhaust System Installation

Performance exhaust installation starts with the removal of your stock components. The high performance exhaust system outshines the narrow stock tubing and other original components in both diameter and quality. Technicians secure all of the new components to create a solid connection that will not rattle or shake as you rev up the engine.

Upon receiving your car back from the shop, you will immediately notice the performance exhaust benefits.

Your car's exhaust note will sound deep and powerful out on the road. The sound will continue to be clean and smooth even while revving the engine up into the high RPM range.

You will also notice the performance exhaust boost in power within your first moments of acceleration onto the open road.

Performance Exhaust System Maintenance

Even the highest quality performance exhaust requires maintenance from time to time.

Technicians will always check the exhaust tubing for loose sections in need of quick tightening. Tightening down the bolts to spec will often keep them secured for a long period of time despite vibrations from the engine and roadway.

If you drive your vehicle in demanding situations or over rough surfaces, your vehicle may also need replacement exhaust brackets on occasion. Going to regular professional inspections will help you stay on top of these maintenance needs to keep your exhaust system in great shape.

How Technicians Can Help

Technicians can help identify the ideal exhaust system for your vehicle type and driving needs. The exhaust system may need to include high flow mufflers, sound tightening resonators, and wide diameter tubing to create a perfect flow rate for your engine size and power rating.

Techs can also identify the tail pipe shape and size that would look best on your vehicle.

Whenever you go into a car repair shop, technicians put your vehicle on the lift or over the pit to closely inspect each section of your performance exhaust from header to tailpipe. Techs may lightly wiggle the piping or attempt to move the brackets to identify problem areas throughout the system.

At Meineke you will always receive a full report detailing inspection findings to help you keep your vehicle maintained and ready to go. If you need a performance exhaust installation or want to have your system inspected for problems, visit a shop today to speak to a skilled technician about your vehicle.

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