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Timing Belt & Chain Replacement Services

Whether your vehicle has a timing belt or chain, it is vital to keep it maintained to prevent slippage or breakage that could harm your engine. If the timing belt or chain running the engine fails, it could have a catastrophic effect on your valve train.

Maintenance and Service Indicators

For many vehicles, the manufacturer provides an ideal tachometer limit to observe for timing belt and chain replacements. Even when sticking to a schedule, it's possible your vehicle could end up needing the part replacement early. Watching for common signs of timing component failures can help you protect your engine.

Common Signs of Problems with Timing Belt or Chain

The overall condition of your engine and timing components will greatly influence the signs presented as the timing belt or chain wears out.

Timing Belt

Common signs of a timing belt problem include:

  • Hard starts whether the engine is hot or cold
  • Large amounts of dark gray exhaust exiting the tailpipe
  • Poor idle that causes the entire car to shake
  • Frayed or split belt edges
  • Squeaky tensioner

Timing Chain

Common signs of a timing chain problem

The inability to see the timing chain directly makes it difficult to visually detect failing parts. Instead, report all:

  • Misfires, which make the engine shake uncontrollably or run unevenly at idle
  • Rattling or scraping sounds coming from the front of the engine
  • Noticeably poor gas tachometer

How Technicians Can Help

Technicians can quickly and easily confirm the diagnosis of faulty timing belts and chains before proceeding with the replacement. The diagnostic process also identifies any other problems contributing to the symptoms you detailed during the consultation.

The total replacement time depends on the type of timing apparatus used by your engine. In general, timing chains take a lot longer to replace than belts due to their placement inside the front of the engine.

Technicians take the time to precisely time your engine to protect the internals and ensure it creates the expected amount of power. If you suspect your engine requires a timing belt or timing chain replacement, talk to a technician about your vehicle's needs.

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